Second toppair on the flop is a common spot

Second toppair is a hand that you often hit on the flop!

Do you have a plan how to continue?

A couple of days ago I played the hand below. It’s not a special hand and it did not make much difference in the tournament. In fact it’s a hand that pops up time and time again. Second toppair on the flop.

second toppair
second toppair

I min-raise from UTG in a 6 max Sit n’ Go tournament. CO and SB calls. On the flop SB checks so here we are:

The situation is that Hero is the aggressor and out of position. Pot to stack ratio is 3.6 so we are close to be pot commited. CO is a lose LAG. SB is a TAG.

If you look at HERO it says 61% to win. That surpriced me with two callers, so I started my favorit software FlopZilla.

second toppair
second toppair

Since SB checks in this spot I take it that he or she will fold to any action.

To the right under dead cards you have my hand. In the middle the flop and to the left the range I would expect Cut Off to call my postflop min-raise with. Do note that I have removed the hands that I would expect him or her to 3bet with.

If you look at the little box below dead cards it looks like this:

Hand is best: 80.625% means that HERO should be ahead 80% of the time at the flop.

Equity hand: 73.268% means that HERO should be ahead 73% of the time at the river.

With that in mind: What is stopping you to raise? If Cut Off has a strong hand force him to show it otherwise fold.

So I did raise to 2/3 pot and CO and SB folded behind.

What it all comes down to is that you have a good read on your opponents and you know what to expect from spots like second toppair.

How to use SPR poker math – what is SPR?

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