The Edge You Need Postflop In No Limit Poker

Ben Hayles concentrates mainly on how you can play pocket pairs postflop in Volume I.

With 21 chapters, it covers every situation. From how to play a set on a wet board to playing an underpair on a paired board. Volume II additionally covers subjects such as drawing, bluffing, drifting and dual barrels. But also the best ways to utilize HUD information for postflop evaluation.

In Volume I Ben presents the 12 postflop measurements and the 6 post flop decision situations, giving you a rational structure for your postflop decision-making.


This is the ground-breaking texas hold’em book committed to the topic of post flop play. Ben’s simple and also simple to follow creating design, in addition to over 100 example hands. Which makes sure that this publication will certainly attract both intermediate and also innovative players.

Ben digs deep right into the complex world that is post flop poker and also offers up sensible as well as useful insights, backed up by tough data, that can be taken by any individual and also applied at the tables.

This book is assured to boost your game, change the way you consider hands and increase your self-confidence in your post flop decision making.


In Volume I Ben focussed on playing pocket pairs post flop. Volume II considers the many circumstances that emerge without pocket pairs. Ben checks out every hand from a straight flush to ace high, with real life examples played in and out of position.

Ben’s understandings are based upon numbers and facts, not simply second-guessing. You need to read this book!

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