New Poker Course – The One Percent Video Course

After months of effort, James Sweeneys brand-new course “The One Percent” is available!

This course has one objective in mind – to equip you with a total method that you can utilize in any poker game.

The One Percent takes a frequency-first method to the poker game, which might sound frightening in the beginning. However it’s how the very best players visualize and attack poker. This total series is a companion to the popular book “Poker’s 1%” by Ed Miller, who offered James consent to turn his work into a video series that does not simply rework the material, rather it broadens and describes all the subtleties that get lost in the original work.

By the end of this course, you will have a crystal-clear concept of things like:

  • How frequently you should barrel (even when you totally miss the flop).
  • How the best gamers in poker THINK about poker (tip: tumbling 2pair+ is NOT the objective).
  • What portion of your turn ranges must be bluffs.
  • How to protect your ranges and prevent getting run over by hard players.
  • How to internalize these concepts so you can actually USE them at the tables.

the one percent

The objective is not simply to flood your brain with the best poker theory. The objective is to assist you understand the theory, build a design AND practice it so you can apply it correctly in real-time.

The One Percent has even more! Remember, the goal is to assist you practice and internalize these ideas.

Included are 3 in-depth exercises that guide you through 3betting, CBing the flop, and barreling. And to make your life even easier, James likewise developed videos for each to show you HOW to finish them and answer keys so you can confirm your work and ensure you didn’t go astray.

I can honestly say that The One Percent changed my poker play for the better! So go ahead and upgrade your game now:

the one percent

Raising More Bluffs On Turn and River
Hand reading when your preflop raise is called

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